Revolutionizing how the brands are sold online.

We believe every brand has a story to be told.

About Shopcat

Inflation of advertising cost, privacy focused changes in ad regulations as well as increasing number of services moving to subscription model has drastically increased cost of acquiring traffic.

Traffic x Conversion Rate = Sales

This means that Conversion Rate becomes crucially important! Every visitor who lands on your website has cost you money. To maximize that you need to make sure that every seconds spend on the website delivers your benefits of your product with full impact.

90% of e-commerce purchases are on mobile

E-commerce websites have barely evolved over last decades. Yes they might have gotten more polished designs and probably your website is "responsive" (you likely try to squeeze the desktop amount of information in to smaller size). However e-commerce store keep trying to sell predominantly with text and images.

Most of the time spent on the internet is not spent on reading text anymore. Majority of internet is a streaming video content and images. This is how consumers interact with information nowadays.

It is time for e-commerce to catch up.

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Certified 2021
Winner 2020 batch

Our story

Shopcat is built by a team of experienced engineers and e-commerce experts. We were not happy about existing shopping experiences and decided to do something about it.

We started by building end-to-end e-commerce solution for brands, but quickly realized that needed a much deeper change to tell the brand story right. We decided not only to bring tools that would allow to easily present product in visual way, but also help brands find right creators.

Apart from developing visual shopping e-commerce tools we can help you also:

  • Set up Shopify stores
  • Convert Shopify templates to statically generated ones to dramatically increase speed
  • API system integrations
  • E-commerce media buying and content creation

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