Enabling premium e-commerce brands to sell via network of curated



speciality stores


Expand brand discovery and online sales by partnering with curated audience owners

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An alternative to advertising and marketplaces!

A better way to let customers discover your products and in an environment that complements your brand.

Performance based

Remunerate publishers & creators on per product sold basis.

Content driven

It is about showcasing your product and its benefits, not price cutting!

Customer ownership

Publishers & creators sell via their channels but the brand delivers and gets customer data

Brand safe

Select only partner channels that suit your brand.

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Certified 2021
Winner 2020 batch

Shopcat is easy and fast to integrate with existing platforms

Install our Shopify app or WooCommerce plugin.
We also support REST API integrations or can offer custom CMS solution if you are just starting.

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How it works


Brand select resell channels

Brands approve which publishers or creators are allowed to sell its products and what margins are offered to them


Products synced to reseller stores

Product will automatically show up in the approved publishers' and creators' stores and available to buy to their audiences


Order sent to the brand for fulfillment

Orders placed in publisher or creator e-commerce store are directed to brands' system for fulfillment

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What clients say about us

We love helping accelerate engaging and authentic DTC brands!

About Us

We felt like only way to get response on marketplaces was to push price discount. We are actually happy to be spending the same money into creator based sales and not cutting the price!

Cody F.
E-commerce Manager

As a emerging direct to consumer brand we can't really spend money only getting "awareness". Publisher partnership model is a fair game.

Esther H.
Chief Growth Officer

Our campaign with Shopcat allowed us to reach our target niche without spending ridiculous amounts on advertising.

Eleanor P.

We never listed on marketplaces due to image issues. Shopcat networks allowed us to expand beyond our own e-commerce and capture exciting niche channels.

Jane C
Consumer Lead

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