5 reasons why not to develop mobile app for your Shopify e-commerce store

August 24, 2022
5 reasons why not to develop mobile app for your Shopify e-commerce store

Developing a mobile app -is generally a bad idea (5 reasons why -below). What if you could circumvent iOS/Play stores and install your store as an app in under 5 seconds?

Web in 2022 (when done correctly) is really powerful and fast. We have added ability for our merchants to install their Shopify stores as Progressive Web Apps. Yes it is a web app, that looks and feels like a native app (full screen, instant page changes).

With Shopcat app you can add a more contemporary browsing experience to your Shopify store today https://shopcat.io

5 reasons why you should not bother building a native app:

1. Usually involves maintaining 2 codebases -> cost

2. iOS and Playstore approval/release process -> time and more cost

3. Nobody will ever find your app organically -> so no installs.

4. Install app button on your website, opens heavy iOS/PlayStore increasing dropout :- additional prompts - what was my password?- app info -> now I look at reviews and app size -> do you really need the app?

5. In majority of cases unless you need access to advanced NFC or ambient light sensor or advanced transitions - modern web APIs accessible in PWA can do all the things native app can.

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